Building a positive relationship with your child is crucial for their future

Mother child bond.5 Ways to Recreate the Bond with Your Growing Kid Building a positive relationship with your child is crucial for their future
Mother child bond.5 Ways to Recreate the Bond with Your Growing Kid Building a positive relationship with your child is crucial for their future

As a mom to a 9 something-year-old, I feel she’s grown so much that her attitude is no different than a teenager already. “You don’t understand, mom!” comes pat the answer if I question her about the same thing for the second time.

And when she says she had a big fight with another kid, I ask her if she informed her teacher. And she rolls her eyes and says, “I can handle it!”.

I’m like —” buuutttt you aren’t supposed to take things into your hands, and you could get into trouble. Whatever that kid said is wrong.” And…

Feeling ignored in a relationship isn’t a good sign.

Does he have someone else in his life? Does he even care that I exist, let alone in his life but in this same house?

Why is he not caring for my feelings? Then why did he commit to me? Are we done?

Questions like these often arise in the mind when we feel ignored. But wait! Instead of trying to check his phone to verify your doubts, it’s better to watch po*n. If you can’t find anything else to do, that is…

Studies say certain people resort to silent treatment in long-term relationships because they believe their partner should…

New science-backed research says, “Stay optimistic! Your life depends on it.”

The poets sung about it, storytellers wrote about it, philosophers preached it, and now scientists have attested it.

History is overflowing with proof of relentlessly optimistic stories and how a positive attitude shapes one’s destiny. For one, we’ve heard Thomas Edison, the genius inventor of the last century, exclaim in a childlike glee — “The light bulb was an invention that needed 1,000 steps.” when someone asked him what it felt like when he failed 999 times.

We have an Indian mythological story from Ramayana about how Hanuman could jump across the ocean when he filled himself with positive affirmations.

Do you know freebies are essentially a reciprocity trigger?

Remember that friendly salesperson from a nearby eatery with a tray full of bite-sized samples of a delicacy stops you on a busy street, hands you one piece (with a fresh toothpick) to try for “free.” You visit a supermarket, and the store personnel offers you some free candy or small chocolate. Have you signed up to someone’s mailing list to get a free SEO checklist or a workout planner, or any such freebie?

Who doesn’t love freebies? We know there is absolutely no free food, but we queue up at any sign of a freebie. Buy one, get one…

Emojis, memojis, avatars. Here’s how they evolved and still make millions to their creators.

Common smileys used
Common smileys used

Emojis, emoticons are the way millennials and the new Gen Z communicate. It’s hard to type how exactly you’re feeling, and emojis are perfect for showing it for you. Emojis, like human emotions, are universal and break all language barriers. You might be an emoji fan 😍 or a fanatic ❤️, hate them 👎 , or anything in between🙄, but if it’s your dear friends’ birthday, you’ll feel tempted to use one of these 🎂🍰🥳🎉🎈 . And what’s valentine’s day without sharing 💞😘.

Interestingly emojis have come a long way from the time the first smiley was designed, to the…

And Operation Moneysuck: a simpler hack to get it done right

Getting things done in today’s multitasking fenzy
Getting things done in today’s multitasking fenzy

Any clue about the one enemy stopping you from finishing your set tasks? — multitasking. Unfortunately, multitasking is just an illusion or make-believe, portraying we’re working on many things. Multitasking is for the machines and was referred to computers when they were being developed to handle multiple requests. Soon it started applying to us humans so much that we pride ourselves on multitasking.

We all get a high when we think we are multitasking, which is why we do it. However, the more I try to accomplish by multitasking, the more those tasks become unsatisfactory. For example, Answering an email…

Because home is where the heart is…

We’re relocating back to India, from our Fatherland, Germany, after 3 years. With just 3 weeks left to our departure, I’m a hot mess mama packing like crazy, and crossing off things to do. Writing e-mails to end umpteen contracts, inviting friends home one last time, and going to theirs one last time to bid our good-byes.

Many of our household items are now on eBay and Buy/sell groups awaiting new owners. Our extra-large comfy sofa is already gone from our living room and how I miss it already. …

Or was I just overthinking? I don’t know, but it was creepy…

November 2016, Columbus, Ohio
Target Store, Polaris Pkway
About 6 PM.

Innocent-Faced Stranger Accosts Me

I was at the huge departmental store hoping to pick up something for friends and family back in India. I was leisurely exploring the large supermarket at a super slow pace. They were running lots of bargain offers for the upcoming Thanksgiving week.

This innocent-faced 20-something guy made his appearance rather obvious by moving briskly around me half a dozen times. Then, with a timid and friendly approach, he greeted me — “Hi!, are you from India?” …

The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield, is battle-tested by millions of writers, artists, and entrepreneurs

The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield, is a little gem of a book packed with fascinating secrets, creatives can use to unlock their full potential. Steven Pressfield is one of the greats who keeps you hooked till the last word. Self-help books that came later on seem to have taken inspiration from this one.

Released in 2002, this book is still one of the best-sellers in motivation for creatives — writers, artists, entrepreneurs. Still, I feel this book is quite under-rated for what you can get from it. …

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