It's all about capturing leads and leading them to the cash counter.

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So you've just started your new gig as a business owner, a.k.a entrepreneur. You have studied the demand for the product or service, possess product knowledge, and are ready to make your first sale.

Now is the time to hunt for your ideal customers, handhold and introduce your product to…

If something doesn't sell at 10€, then sell it at 15€ ;)

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Using small copywriting tactics while selling used stuff can improve your chances of getting rid of anything. Maybe that old bed, the grand piano, or the unused guitar you bought to learn but couldn’t find the time in years.

Leverage on the benefits, play around deadlines, and see how people…

Emojis, memojis, avatars. Here’s how they evolved and still make millions to their creators.

Common smileys used
Image by Pixaline from Pixabay

Emojis, emoticons are the way millennials and the new Gen Z communicate. It’s hard to type how exactly you’re feeling, and emojis are perfect for showing it for you. Emojis, like human emotions, are universal and break all language barriers. You might be an emoji fan 😍 or a fanatic…

The strategy, pros, cons, and examples of successful product-led companies

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Product Led Growth or PLG is a go-to-market strategy where the product itself does the heavy weight lifting of selling itself and in turn, leads to business growth.

Sales/Marketing led growth is a classic business strategy where businesses give all their marbles to the sales team and they would decide…

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