Change Is the Only Constant

Towards welcoming change…


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Last Friday, we had our suitcases all packed, ready for check-in. Our 3-year-old life in Germany had come to a close. Along with the packed bags, we also packed our hearts with memories. During the last week of our stay in what we called our home in Germany, memories and thoughts came gushing… of some random moments, to some elaborate happy events. And the memories of the lull of staying locked at home for nearly a year.

Here today we’re back in our home country and own old city, but sitting in a new home. Putting my feet up, I’m browsing, shortlisting, going out, and buying them, the home appliances, and every small essential for our new home. Ironically I’d spent the past 3–4 months selling stuff in our old home. That’s the part of relocating to another country.

3 years ago, I did… exactly the same… Sold stuff from my old home, as I was getting ready to move to Germany. Some stuff, I was happy to see them go, and some were sad to let go. And now I don't even remember a thing and neither missing anything. We almost always can find a replacement for things.

I’m cautious not to include people here. But when I think of it, I can’t help admit that friendships and relationships too follow a similar pattern. Or should I say, “evolve”?

Like many of you, I’ve changed many schools, jobs, and Oh! yes, homes in my close to four decades of life. I’ve had different friends in primary school and new friends in high school and newer friends in university. I worked with different colleagues with different rapport, in different roles through my 15+ years of career. I’ve grown in diverse neighborhoods like any of you. From a noisy chatter-filled locality where everyone knew every other home’s meal menu to a lonely robbers-ridden locality where I barely knew who lived next door.

Neither can we hold on to people, nor can we hold on to situations. When we resist change, we go against nature’s law, which makes any win impossible. When we welcome and embrace change, it’s easier than you think to create new situations that you wouldn’t have come across if you tried to hold on to the old.

I don't know if it's just me, but I’ve not held on to anything so dearly that I regret letting go. Like new tides in the ocean, new experiences lash out at us. It’s ok to just brave them and let them go. It’s but human to adapt to our life situations and see growth in every aspect. And try to create a more useful tomorrow. A life that’s closer to our goal of an ideal life.



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