Plan Your Way Into a Successful 2023 and Create Your Dream Life

Fill your calendar with actionable goals and get crushing.


Thanksgiving. It’s that time of the year again. And for ardent (yet, frugal) shopaholics like me, it’s time to grab huge bargains and deals that happen just once a year.

With my eyes wide open for pocket-friendly deals, I chanced upon Nadalie’s Black Friday Offer.

Who’s Nadalie?

A freelance entrepreneur specialized in making planning resources for freelancers and new business owners.

I was intrigued and inspired by her posts in a few networking groups on Facebook. Upon checking her website, I noticed she had many goal-setting worksheets, planners, and organizers.

I’m a huge procrastinator(you too? 🙌). Because I’m a messy creature with very less regard for order.

But you cannot expect change unless you change. So, I bought a yearly habit tracker last year, and my earning potential has only increased.

Earlier I was so busy throughout the day with nothing to show for it. What changed everything was the clarity the trackers brought me, which was earlier covered in dusty chaos. The tracker helped me see what habits were my energy suckers and which are productivity boosters and adjust accordingly.

But I wished my habit tracker also came with a monthly, weekly, and daily activity and goal tracker. I tried using a diary, a book, and note-taking tools, but they didn’t work out.

Coming back to Nadalie’s planners, I felt like I had stumbled upon something I wished for. With 2023 around the corner, I want to start filling my next year's calendar soon, so I can get to work as soon as the New Years' fireworks fade in the sky.

Imagine how your life feels if you felt

  • unaccomplished and undeserving of any treats.
  • guilty because you gave in to procrastination and took it easy like the cricket(in the ant and cricket story, remember?)
  • like a failure after spending all your savings and living on credit with that sinking feeling in your stomach.
  • regret not having planned your year so you could earn enough to at least buy your mom or your child a birthday gift.
  • embarrassed to face family and friends because you feel inadequate and inferior compared to your peers and siblings.
  • lonely and depressed, with a zero bank balance and heavy debt.

Or would you rather

  • have a flourishing career, make a fortune, and live the lifestyle you dream of.
  • create a comfortable life for yourself and your family.
  • become financially independent.
  • be revered and respected in the industry you work in.
  • make friends, and meet new people.
  • don’t have to check the bill before you pull your credit card out at the local grocery or a shopping mall.
  • have no worries about paying your bills anymore.

Any change in your habit needs a planned system in place.

All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end. ―Robin Sharma

The Printable Slay Your Goals Planner is for you if:

  • You intend to plan for 2023 right away.
  • You want a Free 2023 Yearly Planner + 3 Kick-Ass early-action bonuses.
  • Need some expert advice on setting your goals and crushing them

“When the pressure is on, you don’t rise to the occasion — you fall to your highest level of preparation.” ― Chris Voss, Never Split the Difference

How prepared are you?

Remember your primary grade teacher making you write something 10 times, so it commits to your memory. I still remember one of my classmate writing, “I will not forget to do my homework.” 100 times on the board as we watched in amused horror.

Even research says the same. In one of his recent studies, “The Gender Gap and Goal-Setting,” Mark Murphy, a leadership training expert, says writing goals triggers a deeper phenomenon called encoding, which improves our brain’s retention power. You’re less likely to forget about stuff you write.

What magic potion has the “Slay Your Goals Planner” got that can transform you from a self-loathing non-starting freelancer(also sometimes me) to a dream-chasing, action-oriented successful freelancer or entrepreneur?

Slay your goals planner
  • Helps you set your true intention. Or Putting down your “Why” on paper? (Template included)
  • Aim at your #1 BIG goal for the year. Brainstorming — goal-digging techniques to focus your Intention Prism, Mindmap hacks to set S.M.A.R.T. and R.I.G.H.T. Goals.
  • Breaking down your BIG goal into four easy-to-work-on mini goals.
  • Editable Yearly & Monthly Planners, 2023 + 2024 Dated Calendars, a One-Page strategic roadmap for your yearly Plan so you can easily space out the goals.
  • Crush your goals using the To-Do List Templates, Fillable Weekly & Daily Planners, and Daily Reflection Pages
  • Review your progress and realign with the One-Page Monthly Review, Monthly Goal Checkers, Quarterly Review Questions, and One-Page Yearly Review

The Slay your Goals Planner and the 2023 Yearly Planner feature powerful, inspiring quotes where you need them most.

Nadalie has 25 free resources on her website. I downloaded some of them I thought could help me.

My thoughts:

The questions in the free “Review your year Workbook are really very well thought out.

The “Weekly Printable Planner” in the freebies section is also great because it’s un-dated, and you can use it as many times as you need it.

I loved the “daily printable planner” with typeable fields to note down and create things-to-do, goals, and even your breakfast, lunch, and dinner plans.

I thought the editable PDFs were cool. If you don’t want to print them, you can type your answers and save them on your laptop, tab, or smartphone.

I highly recommend you take advantage of these free resources. It’s really valuable, and I wondered why it was even free.

You know, there’s something to putting things on paper. Maybe because it puts things in perspective and because you can come back later and reflect on it and see where you could have done better and what worked best.

Ooh, I almost forgot. Nadalie’s yearly Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sale (BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE Planner) is Live now.

With the Slay Your Goals Planner (75+ page printables), you get the 2023 planner for FREE.

Without a plan, you can’t set any goals. Without a goal, you get nowhere.

Learn more here about the Black Friday Sale at Nadine’s, and make sure you also check out the free resources first.

Are you ready to slay your 2023 goals? Let’s do this!

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